April 06, 2006


Buckminster Fuller was apparently nearly blind, and when he need to get perspective on a problem he was dealing with he'd take off his thick glasses, let the world go blurry and get thinking. Glasses literally change the way you look at the world. Do they also change the way you think?

For the third time in my life I got a pair of glasses. I lost my last pair almost three years ago, it's a light prescription so I almost never wore them anyway. That basically means I've spent my whole life looking at a slightly blurrier world than most people around me. Does that also mean I think fuzzier? If I wear my glasses all the time will I slowly or suddenly find myself a clearer thinker?

Posted by Abe at April 6, 2006 01:33 AM


yay@! Abe is back. Must be the new eyeballs. Gonna blog something on GML @ Eyebeam shortly. Thinking of making some LED Throwies. Gonna come to MTL this summer? best - tha t

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