December 20, 2005

After the Smoke Is Done and Clear

Nothing is seems kills a blog quicker than going to grad school. Its not the workload that does it, its the erratic schedule, when I sat a desk 10 hours a day, most every day, finding time to blog was easy. In school I'm all over the place, different timing everyday. Sometimes with laptop, sometimes without , sometimes designing, sometimes making art, sometimes writing. And no defined blogging pattern. In other words a service disruption.

Semester is over now, lets see what happens. For now a wrap up:

Node Politics written for Alex Galloway's Politics of Code class.

Incorporating Profit written for Clay Shirky's Social Facts

On the Looking Glass for Masamichi Udagawa's Designing Experience

Couple independent studies with no live web presence at the moment are the ITP Podcasts (that server should be back up soon I hope), and a painting system based on the old wind is the enemy work.

Posted by Abe at December 20, 2005 12:10 PM

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