June 01, 2004

Trackstar NYC


For a second I was about to get mad. I could actually feel the emotion begin to take off inside. Some fool had just stickered my bike! Grr.... Hold up wait. Something in my emotional process got cut off. I read the sticker. "TrackstarNYC". An all track bike store. News. Information. Delivered straight to my bicycle. Even more efficient then the internet!

The sticker peeled right off, and I was happy, I learned an interesting piece of information. Valuable even. I ride a fixed gear bicycle. A converted road bike, not a track bike, but damn, damn close.

Most bike stores in America don't stock a single fixed gear. Talk to the staff and they'll think you're crazy to ride one. One speed, no coasting, sometimes no breaks. Until a couple years back, only messengers and bike racers even knew these bikes still existed. Back in time, they were the only types of bike around.

A store devoted to fixed gear bikes is a cultural watershed. A phase change for a culture. Anyone watching the bikes roll by will have seen the fixed gears multiply on the urban streets. It's beyond the messengers now, its a microculture, a mutant breed of punk rock, graffiti art and bicycle mechanics. Cyberpunk bohemians in a deeply urban sense.

Does the store last? Does the culture evolve? I'll bet yes on both for the sort term. The long? No money down, but its not a bad bet. Watch the streets, this will be interesting.

Posted by Abe at June 1, 2004 05:41 PM


hey!!! i am coming to ny next month and i am very interested in visiting your store. i met someone at the west side invite in portland this year who gave me a sticker and told me all about the store. i am curious as to where you are located in ny. can you help me find you? cheers!!

it's on 34 East 1st Street, Corner of 2nd Ave

hey, i need to talk to the kids at trackstar. how would i go about getting ahold of them?

what i should have said is this...
essentially we are trying to find *one* distributor in NYC for our patches, you can see them at http://www.pentabike.com
trackstar was referred to me by the ownder of Salvagetti here in Denver, Colorado.
Please e-mail me if you are interested.

check out www.trackstarnyc.com, the shop is up and running.