May 15, 2004

Can Someone Send Me a Copy of the Full Install of MT 2.661?

Movable Type appears to be writing a new chapter on how not to ad a business model to free product. Obviously the software (which is used to power this site) can't stay free forever and also be a business. But radically alienating existing loyal users isn't exactly the best way to build a business.

Any way that's all sort of boring, and I'm only writing it cause I now am in need of a back up installer for version 2.661, which is what I am running now. Its all fine and dandy and I plan to leave it like this for quite while if possible. But I'd feel a lot better knowing I could reinstall it if necessary. So if anyone has a copy please send it my way.

Also worth noting that this new version of Movable Type is supposedly for "developers" only, yet you can no longer download the old far freer version from their site, hmmmmm....

update: got a copy (big thanks to two Johns!) and MT reportedly is still serving old version, but only if you log in via TypeKey. Not sure if the old versions have the old or new license though.

Posted by Abe at May 15, 2004 10:48 PM


I was almost about to post the same thing!
They should've announced that they were going to stop the download of 2.661 for a while. I was being confused.[from]

Hey there.

Where did you get the 2.661 install copy? I went to get it the other day and hit the 3.0 road block.

I have 2.64 I think, and would like the latest before the 3.0 is out.

Thanks for your info.


log in w/ ur account(if you don't have one, register first) and download what you need.

congrats mate! fine job and fine site!