April 13, 2004


So who thinks Bush actually wants to be president for another four years?

Really if I didn't have to live in the middle of this it'd actually be a classic tragedy. The man grows up with silver spoons for all orifices, fails at everything he does, and still ends up president. And is miserable at it. His advantages become his flaws, circle complete, he falls. Well, god willing he fails to win. Another tragedy of course cause as much as he'd rather not be president he desperately wants to win the popularity contest.

Posted by Abe at April 13, 2004 11:44 PM


I like the idea of W as a tragedy. Some thought should be spared for the figure of Bush I: he was another child of privilege, of course, but at least he did manage to succeed in business (and not just "biznis"), held responsible government positions, had sense enough to coin the phrase "voodoo economics", etc. --- but he seems to have always been willing to compromise his principles and ignore his good sense when that would help him climb the greasy pole, and now look at his _son_. Can't be a happy man.

I tell you what, I've often gotten the impression that Bush was one day going to call a press conference and announce that "Frankly, I'm sick of this job, and I'm sick of America. I'm just not willing to lead this country anymore."

I have this in the back of my mind alot, I feel like he realizes that he bit off more than he can chew.

You all are too much! Do you actually believe some of things that you drum up in your minds? :)