April 02, 2004

JFK 2004!

Beautiful Readers,

Ok, I know everyone has a flaw or two hidden somewhere. And while you, my readers are obviously exceedingly intelligent, charming and delightful, I am beginning to suspect you might be a touch cheap. Well at the least the American's among you?

Why? Well not nearly enough of you seem to be donating to Mr. JFK. He's running for president of the United States you know and one Mr George Bush has a hell of a lot more money in his pocket right now. So would you rather have an extra $50 in your pocket and four more years of Herr Bush, or do you think you'd be happier a small touch poorer in the now, with a brand spanking new JFK in the White House come next year?

So come along now, don't be shy, give the tall fella a few greenbacks, will you please.

all my love,

ps. if you donate with these links then you'll help turn Abstract Dynamics into its very own special interest group! A scary thought, but worry about that one later, ok?

Posted by Abe at April 2, 2004 04:48 PM