April 28, 2004

Ghostface Forever

Ghostface concert, Roseland, NYC:

All of Staten Island was most certainly on the stage.

Live hip hop was definitively on the stage.

Rakim was not on stage.

Ghostface, he blessed the stage.

Slick Rick did not spend nearly enough time on stage.

Do not for a second think we are not grateful for every second he spent on stage.

Perhaps is Slick Rick wore less then his weight in gold onstage he would have had time to stick around for another song or two. Preferably Sun, but really any would work.

Slick Rick wears a rhinestone studded eyepatch on stage with the full assurance that he and only he can pull that shit off...

Not only was Raekwon onstage, but there appear to have been two of them onstage, what?

Raekwon the voice dominated the stage.

Raekwon the stage presence apparently has absolutely nothing to do with that voice.

ODB was physically on stage.

Mentally ODB was in a Coney Island crackhouse ceramic spark plug cap in hand.

I feel very sorry for whomever's job it was to get ODB on stage and make something resembling lyrics come out. I also suspect said job also includes excessive exposure to Depends.

As sorry as the above job may be it can't be as remotely bad as the job of the person at Rocafella entrusted in recouping whatever they have invested in ODB. This person was almost surely was not on stage.

DJ Kay Slay was not wanted on the stage, but was there anyhow.

DJ Cipher Sounds however was quite welcome on the stage.

Master Killa was not particularly wanted on the stage, but we are damn glad he gave us 3 minutes of his underrated presence.

RZA took about a minute and half to prove why he is the heart of the Wu and then got the hell of the stage.

Method Man was not on stage.

"Beatles", "No, No, No", "the Watch", "Summertime", and "Sun" all failed to emerge on the stage.

In short the absolutely only thing flawed about this show was that it failed to last about 5 more hours, or better yet forever. We would have stayed. Felt like it was just getting started...

Posted by Abe at April 28, 2004 02:45 AM


Couldn't give a good goddamn about the music/Love your writing about it.

And apparently no good goddamn for apostrophes either.

Hey, anonymous coward: I'm six to eight times the prose stylist you are or ever will be. If I choose to join two clauses with a slash, it's to convey a sense of disjunction between the two that yet arises out of their proximity, even their relatedness.

Would it be the same song, were it called "White Light, White Heat"? I think not.

Next time you have some criticism to make of the way I express myself, try writing me. Wankspawn.

only 6-8? I think you are off by a couple orders of magnitude Adam ;)

and who the fuck gets off on critiquing the grammar in the comments? have they read the actually blog? my grammar is good goddamn atrocious....

but Adam, big many thanks for the complement.