March 19, 2004

SxSW Music 2 of ?

After cracking down on Ozomatli, Austin PD apparently continued on with the rest of their devious plans, turning SxSW into a festival for Strokes cover bands. Like the Strokes but from Mexico! Like the Strokes but with a girl keyboardist! Like the Strokes but from LA! Like the Strokes but not born rich! Like the Strokes but from NY!

The MO for last night seemed to be everyone is good, nobody is great. Haven't seen a bad band yet. But great? Only Ozo, and I've seen them dozens of times. VietNam is the only other one worth remembering the name. Like Bob Dylan, backed by the Stokes.... No that's not fair, the band is better then that. But not great.

Also encountered the first Texas sized line, 2 hours long. Then the Unicorns cancelled (customs) and that took care of that.

Today we seek that greatness, got to be here someplace...

Posted by Abe at March 19, 2004 04:49 PM