March 01, 2004


Haiti, in chaos. President Aristide has fled the country. The US approves, and was involved at least to the extent that it did not intervene to stop his ouster, and quite likely even more actively.

Most disturbing however are the reports that US troops actually showed up at his house to force his removal.

My information networks are bit weak on all this. I've dug up a bit of background, but it'd be great to find a site that covers this and other latin american issues extensively. Anyone know of one?

Posted by Abe at March 1, 2004 12:45 AM


You can always try Narco news.

Just a quick comment...Haiti is in fact a French speaking country (most conversation is in Haitian Creole, a French based creole). It's not really part of Latin America, although it shares an island with the Dominican Republic.

Of course there are other languages spoken in Central and South America as well, such as Dutch in Surinam and the Netherlands Antillies and Portugese in Brazil...

err isn't French as closely linked to Latin as Spanish is?

Latin America's a bit of an amorphous term anyway, and yes the Caribbean is not always included.

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