February 26, 2004

Yahoo Juice

Yow, as of late I've been getting tons of traffic searching for the Grey Album. Google had me #5 for the term for a while. But those days are over and Google returns plenty of more relevant (ie they host the album) results before this site appears. Yahoo on the other hand, which until a few days ago used Google for searches, but now is using their own search engine, suddenly has me as the 4th result. I'm setting traffic records big time, and really I don't much enjoy it. I want people to come here cause they like to read my writing and see my pictures, yah hear?

So Mr Yahoo, I know your service is all fresh and new and not yet toilet trained, but could you freshen your results a bit? By all means send people to me, but can you make it relevant please?

all my love,

Posted by Abe at February 26, 2004 12:00 AM


If they could make it relevant, they'd be Google.

and there's no particular reason they can't be google is there?

also worth noting, that even when Yahoo used Google to power their search results, they always parsed the results differently, reflecting a different set of priorities. Saw a good article on it once, can't remember where.

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The purpose of life is to fight maturity.