February 09, 2004



Posted by Abe at February 9, 2004 11:34 AM


When you perform these permuted import/export scenarios, are you doing any kind of color management? I'm assuming that, like in the "save for web" command in Photoshop, you're doing something along the lines of .gif compression, but you are getting some really crisp primaries (and color divisions in general.)When I try to do similar effects I can never seem to capture this bold, harmonious color relationship (at least not by simply altering my preferred color scheme/numbers). I don't wish to cross the borders into your personal style, but if this doesn't sound like an intrusive question I'd appreciate some advice.

loads of color management, both before and during export. One tip, push the export settings to 128 colors or so, lock in a couple of you're favorites, then drop down to the single digits and tweak.


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