February 17, 2004


somewhere in A Thousand Plateaus is a line to the effect that a nomad always stays in place, the ground just moves beneath them. With that in mind, it appears that in the next few hours the ground beneath me will be moving to Austin Texas for a short although indefinite period of time. If you are in the area, please contact.

all my love,

Posted by Abe at February 17, 2004 11:56 AM


Howdy. Have fun. Stay safe. Pick up on the latest Texas fashion trends and bring them back here, and don't forget to send us some hotttt sauce. You can leave the Texas line-dancing in Texas though. Holla!!!! coco

Stock up the Shiner Bock. You'll be there in a month? So will we.

welcome to the south. just in time to enjoy the spring.

If you happen to pass through Little Rock, stop at the Peabody (formerly the Excelsior) and request of the front desk staff that you be permitted to rent--for two hours--the Clinton-Jones Suite. They will LOVE you.

--an Arkansawyer

Dear Nomadic Noize,
The Tiny Lucky Genius and I, the Cowboy Poodle, shall visit Austin TX for four days starting March 18, raising hellfire at that music industry behemoth known as SXSW. If you wanna ignore some BBQ with the fake-vegans, send a missive.
Dog Show Lassoette Champ 2004

the spring time is indeed highly welcome, beautiful down here.

yall all plan in advance though, don't you? In all honesty last time I was in Austin for SxSW I got so board I ran straight for New Orleans. Which is where I would be now if all the hotels weren't booked up for this big annual frat party / girls gone wild video shoot...