January 28, 2004

Why the Democratic Nominee's War Minutia is Irrelevant

Tom Schaller has an interesting piece on Daily Kos on Kerry and Dean's Iraq war stance. And while it maybe interesting its also a big time red herring. Schaller seems convinced that the Democrats individual stances on this war are some how relevant.

News flash, they aren't relevant at all, except to the political fringe. Why? Because minutia aside the fact is that NONE of these candidates, with the exception of one of the irrelevant ones whose name is not worth typing, would ever have lead this country into this bullshit war. Kerry and Edwards voted on some bill leading up to it, so what? If either where president there is no way this war would happen. Not a chance. And most voters no this fact as well as they need to. Which is why Kerry can pick up so much of the "anti war" vote. Course the pundits can't quite figure this out as it involves common sense rather then analysis, but hey at least the voters know. And now you do too, spread the word for me, ok?

Posted by Abe at January 28, 2004 03:22 AM


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