January 31, 2004

We Are All Cosmonauts Now


volume. new club. williamsburg. huge. all white. concrete floors. projections everywhere. bright. everyone in white suits. an equalizer. maybe. everyone modifies. must retain individuality. 2001. clockwork orange. gattaca. this must be someone's decade old fantasy. like a rave. but different. not fun. almost performance art. vanessa beecroft. without organization. dub in the main room. loud. loud. sound system. black music. white people. old black music. semi young white people. no one dances. bye now.

Posted by Abe at January 31, 2004 11:09 AM


great. nugget of. staccato writing.

and the place. interesting. 2.

all white? white suits? thx 1138?

yeah I need to see that flick, probably the best reference.

Hello folks nice blog youre running