December 16, 2003



transmediale.04 - Fly Utopia! is high on surface and high on pretension, while low on actual details and functionality. None the less it might well be quite an interesting event.

[via No Sense of Place]

Posted by Abe at December 16, 2003 01:39 PM


Transmediale has been around for a bit -- it's an excellent festival. Not that pretentious, often quite exciting.

yeah it looks pretty cool, and I have this sneaking suspicion they included one of One Infinity's pieces over the past few years, although I can't find anything about it in a brief scan.

But "Is it possible to concieve of utopias that are not locations, but in themselves practices, lines of flight, or conceptual zones, only waiting to be occupied?" as a main statement just makes me cringe. It's an absolutely perfect example of using trendy language to say absolutely nothing. "lines of flight", "practices" and "conceptual zones" have been often been utopian in nature, and its been that way forever. Translate the statement into less trendy language and it's a statement of the obvious.

"Is it possible to conceive of utopian practices, lines of flight or conceptual zones?" No fucking duh, its really freaking easy to imagine that scrap. But as its built into the site the statement is designed to come across as some great insight. And its designed well, it sounds cool till you really think about the meaning. At which point its like, "tell me something new, please"...

But ultimately the actual festival is another manner from the copy they use, and the details don't seem to have made it onto the site yet. I'd like to know more. Late January is damn cold in my current location, not sure if Berlin is any warmer, but hey motion generates heat, might just end up in the vicinity...

Nothing to do with Transmediale but ...

"Practice" in the social sciences has a long critical - not utopian - history.

Practice theory is rather grounded in philosophical pragmatism, and the classic remains De Certeau's Practice of Everyday Life, not to mention tons of stuff in social studies of science.

But I'm with you on the weak appropriation of D & G ;)

Hmmm, De Certeau's been on my wish list for a while, gots to catch up...

Are you implying that critical and utopian are contradictory? Its seems to me that could coexist with relative ease, particularly if the critical and utopian are placed in different areas of space/time. Hakim Bey might fit in here.

Pragmatism vs. utopian produces much more tension verging on contradictory, so I guess there is an interesting question there. A utopian pragmatism, hmmm.

Anyone know where I can find more information?

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