December 09, 2003

Gore v. Clinton

So Al Gore endorses Dean for president. Shrug.

Wait, hold up. Gore endorsed Dean at a campaign even in Harlem. At a campaign event practically around the corner from Bill Clinton's offices. There is some nasty politics here and I'm not feeling it.

The endorsement has advantages and disadvantages for Gore, sources close to the former vice president told NBC News Andrea Mitchell.

The sources described the endorsement as a way for Gore to maneuver himself to challenge former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, for supremacy within the Democratic Party. Sources close to the Clintons said Monday that they would not make endorsements in the primary race.

Of course everyone knows that Clinton is behind Clark. This race is close to Dean vs. Clark, which now means its close to Gore vs. Clinton. Squash it please, this doesn't help anyone defeat Bush.

I'm implementing a 100% positive policy on the Democratic nomination race. Not going say anything negative about any of the candidates from here on in. Feel free to call me on it, cause its hell of tempting...

In any case Democrat voters, please pick a winner, ok? I'll support whatever you throw up. Good for one election only.

[quote via Mark A. R. Kleiman]

Posted by Abe at December 9, 2003 10:48 AM


Things are prob. only going to get more nasty in the next few weeks, nasty mailers in the heartland [iowa], push polls in NH, and nasty blind attack ads from shadowy supporters in the old skool dem. quarters ie=


no doubt, Dean is a huge threat to the established power structure in the Democratic party (if not the political establishment for all parties). A lot of people are resisting him internally just to defend their positions of potency, self interest is threating to trump the needs of the party as a whole.

Hence my personal choice to focus on positive only, its easy to rag on people, but it only serves to weaken them versus Bush, I'm not down with that. Its an easy trap though, got to stay above it.