November 05, 2003


Anyone have a copy of the Wesley Clark campaign ad where he mentions Outkast?

update: here it is, thanks to one Steve Garfield for the info. Anyone have any links to the other candidates Rock the Vote ads?

update2: Rock the Vote has all the candidates videos from their debate. Quality is crap, both in terms of the actual files and that actual ads. Damn, no wonder Bush is president, apparently no other candidate knows how to make a TV commercial. If this is what we can expect from the rest of the campaign Clark is going to steamroll everyone except maybe Dean...

Posted by Abe at November 5, 2003 01:35 PM


damn, I love it when the answers come and come quick, thanks Steve.

The ad itself? Very slick. Well edited. Outkast reference is very timely, I'm impressed he pulled it out and off.

Most interesting bit about it all is the way the various actors facial expressions pace the audience. Its like they are telling how to think through the ad, starting off a bit skeptical, moving to "hey he's cute" to ending with "right on, I like this cat".

If Clark's media team can keep hitting like this then he's in damn good shape in this race.

Abe - full agreement. steamroll is probably the right term to use - as much as people have been on Dean's tip - they have no idea what he's about - truly. Clark might reverberate with just the right crowd - as scripted as this might be as a commercial, it's the point of the whole thing.

After watching the Dean ad I realized that he was the dude who sold me the brown acid at that rave back in 1996. Who would have thought.

and Lieberman had that booth where he tried to sell herbal E, but no one was buying...

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Good point made!