October 10, 2003

They Asked Me All These Questions

And last year they didn't bother to print any of the answers. This year I'll just put them here.

Btw anyone know when all the magazines shifted to the Jewish calendar? They seem to think the new year starts in October...


Best Artist:
cause they seem to be the only ones going forward with this looking backward thing.

Best Album:
Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below
P-funk on one side, Prince on the other, 2003 ice cold pimping in a dirty south manner all the fuck over the place.

Best Album To Get Busy To
Beyonce Dangerously in Love to get to the bedroom
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell to take it to the morning light

Best Music Label:
Soulseek - cause they seem to have everyone, good prices too...

Best Live Event/Festival:
The Rapture live
Best Alternative to Dealing Drugs:
Selling CD-Rs of the Rapture album at their show seven (or more?) months before it finally hits the shops.

Best Club or Venue:
The Hole, cause it was a dirty nasty year.

Best Music Trend:
Disco Punk / Rock n Roll with that dancefloor production, cause it can be live raw and well produced all at the same time. At least if the DFA touch it.

Worst Music Trend:
Motherfuckers sounding like Rod Stewart and shit. Extra bullet holes if they look like him too.


Best Graphic Designer
Ryan McGinness cause he actually thinks, a lot.

Best Artist / Pimp / Con man
Miltos Manetas

Best T-shirt Line:
Fruit of the Loom, who else?

Best Media Item (book, movie, DVD):
Manuel DeLanda - Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy - because Delueze is dead but he's still smarter then the rest of us.

Best Video Game
September 12 [ http://www.newsgaming.com/newsgames.htm ] cause video games are powerful

Add your own Best of 2003:

Best Ecstasy Song that No One Realizes is an Ecstasy Song:
David Banner: Like a Pimp

Best Band Name:
Crack We Are Rock

Best way to capture the 80's revival in 5 inches and put it in your pocket:
Playgroup Party Mix

Best Funky Political Punk group everyone should have been listening to instead of the Gang of Four:
X-Ray Spex

Best Bootleg:
Beyonce 'In the Club'

Best Explanation of Why Electronic Music Sucked So Hard This Year:
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Best Cultural Trend:
The Black Bloc, cause politics is hipper then music now and it should be.

Posted by Abe at October 10, 2003 02:17 PM


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