October 09, 2003

Playing Political Games


go play this game, really. We need more like this. The power of video games to effect your world view has never been clearer.

newsgaming is the group, give them love.

[notes from somewhere bizzare]

Posted by Abe at October 9, 2003 11:20 AM


So get this:

1. The "terrorists" in this game don't cause any violence themselves.
2. The terrorists are clearly distinguishable from law-abiding cititzens.
3. The only way to stop terrorists is with clumsy missiles; ergo, middle-of-the-night raids are unheard of.
4. The only involvement one has with the "world" of this game is to shoot at it; no cooperation a la the massive rebuilding effort in Iraq.
5. Killing terrorists only makes more terrorists;

If this game has the effect of making your worldview "clearer," then it's already so cloudy that nothing can be done to help you.

Really, please. This game is far too simplistic to convey anything remotely meaningful about the conflict between Western secular values and Baathist and bin Ladenite fascism.

It conveys that such a conflict exists.