October 03, 2003

Google = Evil?

I've had some concerns about Google for a while now, plus one bad experience with them. Now its starting to look like the concerns are real and the bad experience not exactly unique. Not cool. Google seems to rapidly getting less human, more profit motivated and more powerful. Lets hope the competition can step up quick. An open source non profit search engine would be ideal. Actually having a couple competing non profit search engines would be ideal...

Posted by Abe at October 3, 2003 05:45 PM


Google is evil, but it is the people behind the machine, not the machine that is evil. Riches and power always corrupt men and this has affected those who work at Google. I reported a spamming by a website and when they corrected the issue they removed my website from search results for bringing the embaressment to their attention, so it is the people that are evil not the machine.

Google is Rome. I am Attila. Cheers.

The new search engine era is here.



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yes, google is pretty poo