October 23, 2003

Design Critique Please

Beautiful readers, these are beta versions of a logo and site, any and all critiques are both welcome and desired, fire away if you will. Obviously more functionality is to come on the site.

And of course wonderful clients are very welcome...


oooh, and a secret too, keep those voices low, so I heard this is a site you can grab by the heart and lead around, give it a try its easy and fun...

Posted by Abe at October 23, 2003 02:35 AM


I heart the heart logo.
it's comforting in a super generic way.
don't change it.

The logo is nice, but at the site, the subtext reads "graphic design, flash development, and *stategic* consulting"

It's fun to play with jumpy hearts!

yeah, stategic consulting, it means I make chart junk but get paid more then a designer...

Er I wish. Big thanks for the typo spotting, this blog thing is finally paying me back!

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