October 08, 2003

Blogging for Dollars

Weblogs, Inc. is the latest attempt to make cash off weblogs. This one's got renowned booster/asshole Jason Calacanis on board. The focus is niche industry blogs and I wouldn't be surprised if they become one of the first companies to really make cash in this space.

One flaw popping at me though. No RSS. Now I can understand why a business wouldn't want to use RSS, it lets people read the site without actually visiting it. And in targeted niches a blog might be able to reach 99% of its target audience without RSS. Might. And for something like Calacanis' personal blog, his readership will suffer. Personally I'd read it if it was in my RSS feeds. But that feed does not seem to exist...

Posted by Abe at October 8, 2003 11:34 AM


I totally agree with you on RSS. The solution for the business, it seems to me, it to just put excerpts on the RSS feed. That way, if their content is any good, they'll still get traffic.

We will have RSS up in the next couple of weeks. We're building our own software and are still in beta.

While on the subject but off the main page, what's worse then a site without RSS? A site with RSS that doesn't have any titles, freakin worthless. Looks like Josh Marshall has joined that sorry bunch, what the hell is the point of an RSS feed without any way to tell what's in it...

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