September 30, 2003


"Truman initially rose to prominence as a fierce crusader against war profiteering, which he considered treason."

Yep, Krugman is back at the NYT and he's got another gem of a column: Who's Sordid Now?

Is ripping off the US government for the sake of profit an act of treason? The thought has been on my mind for a few weeks now. Honestly I'd be all for the US rebuilding Iraq if I had any faith is would be done properly. But it seems to be getting done in order to fill the pockets of a very select few friends of Dick and Bush. Illness. Yes I think there are executives committing acts of treason against our country, and they are doing it from high places. How long will we let this stand?

Posted by Abe at September 30, 2003 04:11 AM


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