September 29, 2003

The Plame Affair Continues

The Plame Affair continues to evolve, straight into some Agatha Christie territory. Here is a bit of the White House spokesperson talking to reporters today:

QUESTION: But is the President getting his information from you? Or did the President and Karl Rove talk, and were there assurances given that Rove was not involved?

McCLELLAN: I've already provided those assurances to you publicly.

QUESTION: Yes, but I'm just wondering if there was a conversation between Karl Rove and the President, or if he just talked to you, and you're here at this --

McCLELLAN: He wasn't involved. The President knows he wasn't involved.

QUESTION: How does he know that?

McCLELLAN: The President knows.

QUESTION: What, is he clairvoyant? How does he know?

as usual Whiskey Bar and Talking Points Memo have the best dirt. Lots of it, with more to come.

Posted by Abe at September 29, 2003 01:18 PM