September 01, 2003

Organizing a TAZ?

Trouble in Counterculture Utopia highlights the strange dynamic of Burning Man (LLC). A for profit corporation organized with the purpose of creating something close to a TAZ. A carefully maintain tension that some far has worked extremely well, but is in constant danger of shifting out of control...

Check the numbers for a second. $10 million pumped into the local economy, $40 million lawsuit, population 30,000 centered around a 77 foot statue. "Festival organizers say they are bringing their fire preparedness up to code, installing fire breaks around the property and keeping 40,000 gallons of water on hand. They also say they have removed 30 truckloads of debris and 20 abandoned cars... Mr. Roger gazed at his art car, a 1986 Chevy Sprint converted to resemble a giant carp and customized with 30-foot flame throwers."

But their is a deft transformation at the entrance of the festival, "This is a matter of perspective," he said. "What our opposition calls rubbish, I call art materials. What they call a salvage yard, I call a recycling center." Not to mention the fact that after giving Black Rock City LLC your $250 you enter into a space where money is prohibited...

"In the vicinity of the bifurcation the capacity to transmit information is maximized". - Manuel DeLanda, Intensive Science & Virtual Philosophy.

[via City Comforts Blog: Burning Man's staging area in land-use dispute]

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