August 25, 2003

"we never had Al-Qaeda before this occupation"

I'm so angry and frustrated. Nothing is moving forward- there is NO progress and this is just an example. The media is claiming Al-Qaeda. God damn, we never HAD Al-Qaeda before this occupation... fundamentalists kept their heads down. Now they are EVERYWHERE- they 'represent' the Iraqi people on Bremer's puppet council...

Baghdad Burning

those are the words flowing from Iraq. God damn, how fucking retarded are Bush and the neocons. How could they plan a war without planning in the least for the occupation. Its pretty clear now that this invasion is a colossal failure, WMD or no WMD. Before war, no Al Qaeda. Now Al Qaeda. America is less safe, Bush failed once again, same way he's failed in most every other venture he's been in. I mean this is the man who traded away Sammy Sosa. Bush = Failure, its a simple equation, let it be known.

And since this is making me a bit upset, lets cut to some humor:

Today President Bush said the situation in Iraq had deteriorated to the point where he had no choice "but to declare war on that country."

"I've just become aware that good people are dying out there. Terrorists run rampant, killing people, blowing up oil pipelines, wreaking havoc, maybe just plain reaking. They've got to be stopped."

Bush said that he had recently learned that since May 1, 2003, Iraq has become the "number one nexus of the terrorist activities in the world," and he called it "the nexus of the axis of evil," speaking from his ranch in Texas.

He said that it was a difficult decision but he had "no choice" given the state of the country at this time.

"Whoever is running that country has allowed it to turn into a hornet's nest that threatens the stability of the Middle East, and with it, the safety and security of the United States, and of the world."

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Posted by Abe at August 25, 2003 11:25 AM



If things are so bad, why are you still around? Seriously, why not just party like a rock star or something???

lol, actually I was thinking of moving to Iraq...

No, seriously Dan, I am not opposed to critique, but I think it should be framed into a larger constructive context. In this particular case, that constructive context is two fold for me:

1 - to make the Bush administration look bad, helping enable a regime change come next November.

2 - to call attention to the current failings in Iraq, leading toward a more productive global action in the area. The best course of action in Iraq is still quite tenuous in my mind, but I would start by shifting control from the US to the UN.

Again there is nothing inherently wrong with critique, its an important tool. But Dan, in the course of our earlier interactions you were pushing a viewpoint of all critique and no construct. I think you'll find some dynamic equilibrium between the two emergent on this site.