August 29, 2003

The Surest Sign Electonic Music is Dead (for the now)

Is the utter garbage mixing people accept at the best parties. Anything goes as long as its not 'electronic'. More when I reach a proper keyboard...

Posted by Abe at August 29, 2003 02:14 AM


*shiz*. i want to hear the expansion of this comment. _electronic music_ has been lassoed by the mainstream. i see this as having created a chicken & egg situation ultra-characteristic of the dichotomous relationship between art and the status-quo, which wield an intense influence on each other. example: fatboy slim emerges from the electronic/breakbeat underground, gets signed to a major label, mtv grabs it and becomes top 40 (status-quo), other people copy the style and make lots of money too, it falls from grace (becomes uncool). meanwhile, the canonization of this artform (breakbeat) motivates new direction from creatives. some of these new styles eventually emerge as well continuing the cycle. electronic or not, i think there always exist creatives doing interesting things worthy of my attention. but, in terms of electronic music, fatboy slim and mtv just encourage me to keep digging.

true, true, the reason I put the "for the now' in the title is because the purists will keep making the music and eventually actually make something good again... But right now people in the clubs are ready to suck up anything that doesn't sound like house or remind them of a rave. And its gotten to the point that they'd much rather have a "stop one start the next" dj then one that plays "electronic' music.