August 13, 2003

"Its time the Christian right meet the right Christians"

I'm purely agnostic myself, but you can't help loving that zing of Al Sharpton's "right Christian" quote. Good to see that meme percolate a bit. All Brill has started blogging on the theme and sent me this link to an extensive exploration of Lakoff's Moral Politics. And of course I just love reading from intelligent people with very different world views from mine.

The Right Christians: George Lakoff, Tucker Carlson, Danny Goldberg

Good stuff, breaks down Lakoff nicely. Have to say its pretty odd switching back towards this mode of thinking after being immersed in D+G's journeys of deterritorialization. Two very different world views, be interesting to bring them together. And yeah I'll get back to Lakoff soon enough. The utility of his ideas calls, even if I suspect they are somewhat inaccurate...

Posted by Abe at August 13, 2003 01:44 PM


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