July 11, 2003

Bush vs. the CIA

The Niger Uranium story gets even more complex. CIA director George Tenet (a Clinton appointee I believe) has technically taken the blame, but he's tossing hints at way more too. Fucking with the CIA is usually a bad political move. Did Bush and co. win this battle, or does the story continue to grow? We should know soon. My gut says the CIA starts leaking interesting and incriminating things all over the place. So far the Bush PR team has been masterful at staying inside the media's OODA loop, allowing them to manipulate the news easily. But that might be changing. Stay tuned.

Posted by Abe at July 11, 2003 10:20 PM


No one is denying CBS reports that the words were parsed in the SOTU speech least of all the CIA which leaves the question of intent on the table.

The Bush Admin., wanted a reference in the SOTUS about Iraq's intentions/progress toward obtaining a nuclear device and stopped at nothing to achieve that end. There is intent to deceive all over this speech.

No, the story is not dead yet although Bush wants it to be but Daddy cannot fix this one.

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