July 02, 2003

"Bring 'Em On!": Bush Invites Iraqis to Attack Americans

Bush Press Conference Video (realVideo)

"Bring 'em on"

What? What the fuck? Wasn't the justification of the war to prevent further attacks on Americans? Is Bush of his meds or something? The cowboy tough guy schict is only going to go so far. Sure some violent mofo are always going to be turned on my it, but the "average" American. This bullshit won't last.

"Bring 'em on"

Yeah, go tell that to the mother's of the 50+ soldiers who have died in Iraq since Bush declared the fighting over.

"Bring 'em on"

Yep, yep, we're coming, we'll see you in the streets everywhere you go Mr. President. And we'll see you out the door come November 2004.

And yeah it anyone knows where I can get a QuickTime version of this, let me know. Actually I've been looking for any QuickTime version of Bush's speeches, if you got 'em pass em on.

Posted by Abe at July 2, 2003 04:27 PM



Please write and let me know if you were successful in getting hold of the Bush footage of - "Bring em on"

Please check out TVOTW and let as many of your friends, relatives and acquaintances know as possible. TVOTW is heading this worldwide initiative to put a stop to it - once and for all.

Many thanks.


Help ! Where did TVOTW disappear to ? I had it book marked and now it is gone.
thank you

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