June 13, 2003

Help End the Bush/Cheney Regime

Damn, a few years ago I don't think I'd ever be supporting an old school political party. And lets make it clear I still have a lot of problems with their approach. But its also crystal clear that Bush has got to go and go quickly. And that means supporting the Democrats. I just signed up for the DNC: ePatriots program. That means you should head over to my ePatriots page and give them some cool cash to help evict Herr Bush from his bright white house. Its time to end the era of fear and return to a prosperous America! Anyone but Bush in 2004. Don't be scared, lets do this.

Posted by Abe at June 13, 2003 05:52 PM


Cheney. Not Chaney.

One thing I've come to realize is that, like it or not, the two party system is the way it goes in this country. The systems got some drawbacks, for sure, but it has some serious advantages as well. For the voter, the choice is very clear, if your views are to the left of center, vote for the one and only candidate that represents the left. If you consider your self someone whos views are left of center, then that old school political party is YOUR PARTY. If you don't like the way its run, its up to you to change it.

The only way that we are ever gonna fight back this rash of conservatism is if we realize that we (those of us left of center) are all democrats and need to unify and support our side.

Furthermore, politics does not follow the same laws of physics as, say, a see-saw. The further you are out to the left, the less force you apply to the overall balance. To be effective, we need to get right in there to that area just left of center and engage those fuckers.

I agree a See Saw is a bad way of putting it... Does a tug of war game work? If you stop pulling to walk to the front of the rope, the other side wins when you let go... As far as Bush and Cheney, Almost Anyone would be better. I however consider myself an oldschool Democrat (Think FDR) I do think that the party needs to move back to its roots if it wants to Unify the left... (And the country needs a unified left right now...) While the economy is important, what is more appealing to people like me is a Pro Labor, Pro Environment, Pro Social Beniffits (Excuse my spelling) candidate. I wont even go into Bush foreign policy...

Finally the truth is getting out about Cheney. Liberal stinking Demon-cats won't like it. Cheney is an American hero!

Simon Marshall, investigative reporter for Fox News, has just told the story in Cheney: The Story He Cannot Tell (Doubleday) which will be released soon. It tells the thrilling story of how Dick Cheney was recruited into a secret black-ops team called Alpha Major within the Special Forces and how one man almost single-handedly and secretly changed the course of the Vietnam war.

Get the story at: http://blogcritics.org/archives/2004/07/20/142431.php

Cheney is our hero!