June 10, 2003

Break For the New Music (Critics)

Sometime in the past year or so my favorite music critic Simon Reynolds has gotten miswired and now somehow thinks UK Garage is the only music that matters. Perhaps its an overdose of the post 9-11 patriotic air that's got him thinking only of his country? I don't know, hopefully he recovers soon and realizes that UK Garage is a crap imitation of hip hop on a similar level to say greek or russian hip hop. Lets face it every nation in the world has a bunch fools fusing their native music with bad rhymes, and it all sucks universally.

Thankfully we have Sasha Frere-Jones and now he's got a weblog, 2, 3, BREAK. Good stuff although his epic review of the new live Led Zeppelin album has disappeared somehow. Its good shit though, enjoy.

Posted by Abe at June 10, 2003 07:34 PM