April 30, 2003

They're Only Evil When They're Not Repressing Their Wifes..

"It so happens there are times when there are issues where social conservatives, whether they be Muslim or Christian, find common ground."

that's from Newsday

Iran, Syria, Iraq, Axis of Evil. Yep, unless its about repressing women. All of a sudden they become our best friends in the UN. Perhaps Bush and Co want to fight with all them because jealous of the way they mix politics and religion and get to beat their wifes. How fucking backward is this country going to be after another 1-5 years of this crap? We'll be acting like cavemen soon enough. Christian cavemen.

[via Matthew Yglesias]

Posted by Abe at April 30, 2003 08:29 PM


Yeah, I'm concentrating on having as much fun as I can before I have to start wearing a veil and walking 10 paces behind my husband in public.

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