March 25, 2003

And He's Off

Back to Iraq for Christopher Allbritton. Well he leaves in a day or two, but he's got some strong words on corporate media to part with.

bq. Starting this week however, the real purpose of Back to Iraq comes into view, as this becomes a much more heavily reported site instead of one based on analysis and commentary. (That will still be there, but in much smaller portions.)

bq. Ive been doing a fair number of interviews, too, as various media members want to know my story. Often they ask me why Im doing this, what do I expect or hope to get out of this, am I crazy, etc. Well, Im probably crazy, yes, but what Im hoping to get out of this is some respect for the Web (and blogs) as a serious medium for independents. To all the journalism professors who say blogs arent real journalism, I say, I dont see you getting out of your tenured chair and putting your butt in the middle of Kurdistan to report on whats happening. To those who say, Youve got no editor, I reply, My readers are my editors. To those who complain, Youre biased, you offer nothing but op-eds, I reply, I am biased, but at least you know where Im coming from. And just wait until next week when my butt is in Kurdistan.

Posted by Abe at March 25, 2003 11:53 AM


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